Duckbill valves, How they work!

Duckbill valves are unique, one-piece, elastomeric components that act as backflow prevention devices or one-way valves or check valves. They have elastomeric lips in the shape of a duckbill which prevent backflow and allow forward flow. The main advantage of duckbill valves over other types of one-way valves is that duckbill valves are self contained i.e. the critical sealing function is an integral part of the one piece elastomeric component as opposed to valves where a sealing element has to engage with a smooth seat surface to form a seal. Therefore duckbill valves are easily incorporated and assembled into a wide variety of devices without the hassle or problems associated with the surface finish quality of mating seats and/or complex assembly processes.

Other not less important features include:
- Position independent,
- Low opening pressure- immediate free flow,
- Non-tortuous flow path,
- High flow rate vs. package size,
- Virtually no internal volume and dead space,
- Particle compliant,
- Corrosion resistant,
- Wear resistant and
- last but not least very cost effective. 

Minivalve Duckbill valves are available in various elastomeric material, including medical and food-grade silicone and hydrocarbon-resistant fluorosilicone rubber to handle a broad range of media and temperatures.
Duckbill valves have been around for many years. Their versatile features have made them first choice in a broad number of applications:

* From long-term service in harsh environments such as in durable chemical pumps to the high-volume use in disposable intravenous fluid delivery sets.
* From one-way valves used in automotive fuel pumps to delicate valves used in tubing circuits for heart surgery, for soap dispensers, coffee makers, anti- siphoning valves in shower heads, and toys.

Minivalve International is a niche company dedicated to the development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of a broad variety of miniature, self-actuating valves and elastomeric valve components for OEMs. We have specialized in automatic high-volume manufacturing and offer our own range of standard duckbill and umbrella valves from our catalog. They are supplied off the shelf in several sizes and materials. That means they are readily available in any quantity, from a few to millions of parts per year. We also develop customized valve solutions.