Catalog Valves

Our catalog offers off-the-shelf valves and elastomeric valve components which can be universally used in many different applications, whether in the health care, automotive, appliance or food and packaging industries.

To look at the catalog, key in either by valve type or by valve function

By type By function
Duckbill Valves One-way Valves
Umbrella Valves Two-way Valves
Umbr/Duck Combination Valves Three-way Valves
Cross Slit Valves Vent and relief Valves
Dome Valves Head Pressure Valves
Valve Balls Port Valves

Custom Valves

If you have this......"special need" or if you want to combine a valve with another part.

Custom Molding

Use our expertise in precision molding of exotic elastomeric materials for your supply of molded parts according to your drawing such as diaphragms, o-rings, and seals.